Monday, September 13, 2010

Short trips

It seems weather wise that fall is upon us a bit early this year and I have no complaints about it.  Unfortunately considering how beautiful it was last week I didn't get to much riding in except for a short trip to Lake Montebello and Druid Hill Park with part of the Jones Falls Trail thrown in.  This brings up a point that I've read about in other blogs and forums.  Why do we have a signage problem?  From a bike friendly point of view I know this city has quite a few issues that need to be addressed but making it easier for people to find their way around seems like it should be one of the simpler ones to fix.  With that said I will once again dazzle you with my questionable camera skills.

Closed for the season.
Two views from Druid Hill Reservoir.
Druid Hill Reservoir.
Mr. Wallace in the park.
Christoper C. 
The Conservatory.

Carved in bark.  Better than carved in stone?

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