Saturday, November 20, 2010

Off the bike

For the most part I've been of the bike for awhile but I did buy a new used bike.  Having not posted in some time I'll start with a question.  I picked up a 84' Schwinn Le Tour off of Craigslist, a work in progress pictures later,  rode it for a long stretch today and very happy.  I'm wondering though if it's just me or do others feel guilty about leaving their other bike or bikes behind?

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  1. Hi! No, don't feel guilty, just realize some bikes are best suited for some jobs (or rides) over others, and give them all a turn now and again. I have 3 bikes and try to keep them all happy by giving each one a turn in the sunshine (thought its mainly rain-shine these days!) I will ride one bike on a trail, where I wouldn't consider it for the others, and by having 3 it means I never miss out on any ride I want to take... Looking forward to seeing the pics!! :))