Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A ride home

Guaranteed Ride Home Program

Guaranteed Ride Home is a free commuter insurance program for those
commuting using alternative modes of transportation within the Baltimore and
Washington D.C. Metropolitan Areas.

  • Offers up to 4 free rides home per year to those who ride transit, commuter
    rail, bike, walk, carpool, or vanpool to work at least twice a week.
    Typically, the ride home will by cab or rental car.

  • Free to all working in the Baltimore, Central Maryland, and Washington D.C.

  • It's there when you need it. For when you stay late and miss your ride home
    or have to leave work early due to illness, kids, or an emergency.

  • Makes it easier to depend on alternative modes of transportation.

  • Easy-to-use phone number to call: 1-800-745-RIDE.

  • Operators on call between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m., Monday - Friday.



    1. This is even better than the Bike Assist program up here in BC. I would sign up in a moment if I lived in Baltimore. :))

    2. Hi There BikeInBaltimore!! ...this is just a note to you, and not meant for publishing (sort of a form of email!!) I saw your thankyou to me, for mentioning your blog on mine (PedalTalk) no worries!, and that you "needed all the help you can get"... so I've got a few suggestions that you may want to try - some of them worked for me sometimes (not all the time) but you may wish to try them too... here goes!
      1) become a Follower (with your pic) of RatTrap Press, GreenComotion and BigOak, and Purple Traveller, then start commenting to them all, even short notes like "I like that" or whatever you feel, and they are all really good guys and will return comment back to you on their blogs. If you also mention them in your blog list they will probably return the favour and add their photo to your blog and as you begin to write blogs, will send small comments your way. Another one is RANTWICK. Join his blog as a follower, AND send him a pic of a tree in autumn for his FARATS photo contest - some of the trees are very ... funny and lame, so don't worry about your tree choice, just send in a pic of a tree you see. RANTWICK will probably publish it and mention you and your blog. These were the guys that gave me a real help and it was very nice of them to do so. Don't forget to their blog titles with a link to your front/home page, which for Ratrap I see you have already done (but don't forget to Follow him) Then, post on a semi frequently basis and you will see momentum begin to happen. AND, by the way, THANKYOU for mentioning my blog on your front page!! It is much appreciated!! Have fun, and happy cycling!! :))

    3. Holy cow, what an awesome idea. I need to investigate whether anything like lthis exists here in London. I don't think so, but it would be super if it did... that "emergency ride" thing is one of very few drawbacks to not taking a car. The kids needing me fast is my biggest worry... of course I would pay a cab, but this would be better!